DIY Internet Marketing Guide 3

Writing Text That Sells

The following is an excerpt from this Ebook to help you decide if this is the information you require and select the most appropriate download for your needs.

The first hurdle that you have to get over is the fact that browsers have arrived at your web site because they actively sought out your product or service. This is not TV or newspaper advertising that may or may not be relevant to the individual on the receiving end, these potential customers have actually arrived at your web site because they have an issue or concern that you can solve. They have a need for your product or service and they have already walked in the door of your online shop.

However, most web sites fail to provide enough motivation, persuasion or value to the majority of their visitors and therefore fail to keep them going through the sales process. Most web sites don't meet customer’s needs.

When browsers use a search engine, typical behaviour is to search a key phrase, click on a search results link, view the page, and decide whether or not it's worth further investigation. If not, click back and go on to the next link in the results. Obviously, the first view of the “landing” page is incredibly important. If the visitor clicks back, no other site pages are viewed - a classic one-page visit.

Creating a web site that captures these browsers and turns them into customers is vital. There is no point in attracting vast numbers of visitors to your web site, if you do not convert them into customers. If your web site does not provide the information the potential customer requires, you can be sure they will find one that does. If your text is wishy-washy, full of mission statements, corporate structures and other useless information, you can guarantee that they will quickly click away. Internet browsers are rarely, if ever, interested in such corporate waffle, they are interested in their problem or need and they want it a solution to it, now!

In this Ebook we will tell you how to capture your prospects attention, fire their imagination, answer their queries and close the sale, all using your web site by writing text that sells.

We will cover:

  • Know your customer.
  • Write for your customer
  • Make it easy on the eye
  • Magnetic Words
  • Appeal to the subconscious
  • Benefits, Benefits, Benefits
  • Have a Unique Selling Point
  • Credibility
  • The Art of Persuasion
  • Call to Action


It’s a common misconception that a sale can only be made by a live salesperson and not a web site. Some companies only have a web site because they feel they have to; everyone else has one, they make you appear up-to-date and enhance prestige, etc. It comes as a shock to these companies when they realise that people actively seeking to purchase their products or services in fact search for them, and buy them, using the Internet!


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