DIY Internet Marketing Guide 4

Building Online Relationships

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If you are selling a product or service that is priced above impulse purchase level, once a visitor has visited your web site, they may need to return three or four times before actually purchasing anything from you. Your first challenge was to get them to your web site; your next challenge is to get them to come back again!


What happens if nobody buys?

Don't ask too much of your customers the first time they arrive at your web site. Asking for an order straight away for products or services of significant cost, rarely works. What you need to do is concentrate on building your online relationships.

There are many ways that you can establish trust and integrity, online, with your customers and others within your marketplace. Establishing credibility and your position as an expert in your field is vital to convince your customers to make that first sizeable purchase. Maintaining this rapport then increases the longevity of your business relationship, improves customer satisfaction, increases customer referrals and decreases the need to find new customers!

  • Getting them to return
  • Email Harvesting
  • Databases and Automation
  • Newsletters
  • Becoming and Expert
  • Awards and Associations
  • Offline Promotion - Events and Press Releases


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